Basic oil and raw materials warehouse – Thermal block "NIS FAM", Krusevac
Boiler room and gas station "NIS FAM", Krusevac
Section for lubricating grease and special lubricants production "NIS FAM", Krusevac
Section for industrial oils production "NIS FAM", Krusevac
System for refining wastewater in the city of Krusevac, Krusevac
Section "Famplast" (plastic packaging production) "NIS FAM", Krusevac
Medicine factory "FAMPHARM", Krusevac
Production hall "TODOR", Vrnjacka Banja
Factory for armature systems of transformer station 1000kVA, Vrnjacka Banja
Production hall "BELI BOR", Vrnjacka Banja
Production and armature section and garages "STEVANOVIC INVEST", Rataje
Mineral water and juice Factory "VLAJKOVIC-GLOBUS", Vrnjacka Banja
Service shop "DELTA KOMERC", Krusevac
Section for windowed packages "VODA VRNJCI", Vrnjacka Banja
Production hall "MAG DJORDJEVIC", Stulac, Vrnjacka Banja
Business Centre "TRMKA KABL", Vrnjacka Banja
Factory for water processing "LIPOVA", Vrnjacka Banja
Outdoor lightning and protection of 2,5ha "NIS FAM", Krusevac
Infrastructural canal with electroenergetic telephone lines and canal lightning "NIS FAM", Krusevac
Transformer station 2x630kVA, Vrnjacka Banja
Business Centre "BIO PLOD"- refrigerated warehouse, hall, sanitary block, Brus
Administration building "METALAC"–electro-motor dissolution, Gornji Milanovac
Branch office "NIS FAM", Beograd
Shopping mall "DOBRE VODE", Krusevac
Shopping mall-29 shops, Aleksandrovac
Business Centre "NIS FAM", Kruševac
Business Centre, hall "UNIPROMET", Vrnjacka Banja
Business Centre "STEFANOVIC CENTAR", Vrnjacka Banja
Business Centre "FLUIDOTEHNIK", Vrnjacka Banja
Business Centre "STEVANOVIC INVEST", Krusevac
Business Centre "SIMKO PHARM", Vrnjacka Banja
Business Centre "SZR "BARUS", Vrnjacka Banja
Motel, restaurant, gas station "GLOBUS", Vrnjacka Banja
Gas station "JUGOPETROL 1, 2 i 3" i Jugopetrol warehouse, Krusevac
OMV gas station, Trstenik
OMV gas station, Kragujevac
OMV gas station, Celije
OMV gas station, Aleksinac
Gas station "EURO PEN", Ribnik, Trstenik
Gas station "EURO PEN", Vrnjacka Banja
Hotel "ELEKTROSRBIJA" - 54 apartments, Vrnjacka Banja
Hotel "SUTJESKA" (reconstruction), Vrnjacka Banja
Hotel "BELI IZVOR" (reconstruction), mountain Goc
Hotel "TERMAL" (reconstruction), Mataruska Banja
"MARFIN BANK", Krusevac, Vrnjačka Banja
"DELTA BANK (Banca Intesa)", Vrnjacka Banja
"PIRAEUS ATLAS BANK", Šabac, Beograd, Kragujevac, Kraljevo
"ALPHA BANK", Novi Banovci
"EFG EUROBANK", Vrnjacka Banja, Mladenovac, Zaječar
SBB branch office (1.200 m²), Beograd
"METRO Cash&Carry" BEOGRAD-1 – warehouse distribution centre (16.000 m²), Beograd
"METRO Cash&Carry" BEOGRAD-2 - warehouse distribution centre (12.000 m²), Beograd
"METRO Cash&Carry" KRAGUJEVAC - warehouse distribution centre (10.000 m²), Kragujevac
"METRO Cash&Carry" NOVI SAD - warehouse distribution centre (10.000 m²), Novi Sad
"METRO Cash&Carry" NIS - warehouse distribution centre (10.000 m²), Nis
"METRO Cash&Carry" BEOGRAD-1 – tent for selling construction materials, Beograd
"METRO Cash&Carry" BEOGRAD-2 - tent for selling construction materials, Beograd
"METRO Cash&Carry" KRAGUJEVAC - tent for selling construction materials, Kragujevac
"METRO Cash&Carry" NOVI SAD - tent for selling construction materials, Novi Sad
"METRO Cash&Carry" NIS - tent for selling construction materials, Nis
"DAD DRAEXLMAIER Automotive Ltd.." - auto parts factory (14.000 m²), Zrenjanin
Transformer station 2x630kVA "Hladnjača" , Trstenik
Lighting in the store of ceramick and sanitary equipment "JUNIOR-KOMERC" Kruševac

About 200 residential objects, schools, post offices, shops, small business objects, public lighting, adaptations and reconstructions.

Katic Ltd. has a license for designing and works execution, issued from an authorized Ministry.


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